3 Cold War Events – The Biggest Dilemmas

3 Cold War Events – The Biggest Dilemmas


Can racism be supported in the interests of power?

South Africa was already a racist dictatorship during the period of colonization. South Africa was one of the most repressive dictatorships created by the United Kingdom. South Africa received independence from the British Colonial Empire in 1931. However it continued to function as a racist dictatorship maintained by the English and Dutch there. After World War II, England and the United States saw that the Soviet Union wanted to gain influence over South Africa. It was good for the Soviet Union that the blacks were oppressed so that the Soviets could support the black liberation movement in South Africa.

By the 1970’s, Soviet influence in the region had grown significantly. England and the US sent more and more ammunition, weapons and money to fascist South Africa.

Anti-racism voices have been growing in both England and the USA. Public dissatisfaction with South Africa’s fascist dictatorship has grown.

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Was it worthwhile for the Soviet Union to support Nasser, the dictator of Egypt?

Egypt got rid of the British colonizers after World War II. However the British also tried to suppress Egypt by post-1945. The Soviet Union took advantage of this opportunity and increasingly supported Nasser, the Egyptian dictator.

However the Soviet Union was an atheist system, so its leadership did not believe in superior beings.

Nasser killed local communists in Egypt. Nasser was a politician of Islamic religion, as was almost entirely Muslim Egyptian society, which could not stand further than the philosophy of the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, Egypt was a key ally of the Soviet Union for nearly 20 years. The Soviets had already transported a sea of ​​guns from Egypt to other countries. Details in the e-book: You can buy it here!

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Should the Soviet Union support a divided Iraq?

In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was the dictator. He had already committed murders to gain power. He (also) had to lead a society with a deeply Islamic religion. However Iraqi society was also extremely divided: Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds live together in Iraq. There are many conflicts between the 3 groups. In addition, Saddam also accepted weapons from the US in the 1980’s. Thus, Iraq became a dead end in Soviet expansion. More details in the book: You can buy it here!

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