Why are Germany, Sweden and NATO panicking?

Why are Germany, Sweden and NATO panicking?


Russia threatens former Soviet states. Furthermore, in 2008 the Russians attacked Georgia and in 2014 Ukraine. Why is this causing panic in Sweden and Germany? According to international research, Russia spends about $ 61 billion a year on armaments. This is a lot of money compared to the military spending of the small Baltic countries. France, for example, spends $ 52 billion a year on armaments, barely $ 9 billion less than Russia’s military spending. Germany spends about $ 48 billion a year on the military. France and Germany together are spending $ 100 billion on armaments, far outpacing Russia’s military spending.

Plus Britain has a $ 49 billion military budget a year and Italy has a $ 27 billion budget (if we look at only the most populous European countries, the largest NATO members in Europe).

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Together, the 4 major European countries spend $ 176 billion, while Russia spends $ 61 billion.



Let’s look at the population: 144 million people live in Russia (Crimea + 2 million people). Until then, Germany has a population of 83 million, France 67 million, which together is 150 million, which is already several million more than Russia. Furthermore, Britain is 67 million and Italy is 59 million. Together, the four European countries account for 267 million people, while Russia has only 144 million people.


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The financial situation of the 4 European countries is also classically better than that of Russia. On the other hand, in Russia, Putin’s dictatorship is weak, close to the fall, with Russian opposition organizing protests across the country.  In comparison, from Sweden to Norway, from Germany to Poland, the whole of Europe is panicking about the Russian threat. You can see that there is no realistic reason for this. Then why do politicians show that they are panicking? There are two explanations for this: I.) Politicians are unable to assess the situation. – As they are surrounded by security apparatus of tens of thousands, this can be ruled out as an explanation. II.) The military industry, that is, the private arms companies, pay bribes to politicians in panic countries: Norway, Sweden and Germany are the most irrational panicists. These politicians are pouring money into the military industry.

Oppositions in Russia:

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What could we spend the money on if we want real security around us?

  1. In Ukraine, to install surveillance cameras on the streets, thereby strengthening public safety. On the other hand, train Ukrainian police investigators in financial investigations, thereby helping them block the finances of Russian separatists, in the fight against organized crime and political corruption.
  2. Currently, UN peacekeeping missions have a budget of $ 9 billion globally, while the UN has 13 major peacekeeping missions around the world. In many cases, the UN does not have the money for its own peacekeepers to buy modern vehicles, UN has no money to install surveillance cameras in problem areas, they have no money for significant solar investments, to have enough electricity in problem countries (for example, to operate cameras, turn on electricity, start industrial production for local contractors).
  3. Where there are UN operations, there would be a need for roads and canals, schools and teacher training. In healthcare, to acquire the necessary equipment for one-day surgeries and to train doctors and nurses.

If developed countries did not panic and waste their money, we could spend on peace in the world.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can find an e-book about it here.


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