Decolonisation and the Cold War

Decolonisation and the Cold War


Internal reasons for the fall of colonization:

The First and Second World Wars. Britain lost nearly 900,000 troops in World War I and the war cost a sea of money. France lost 1.7 million troops. The war was even more expensive for France than it was for England.

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600,000 French people died in World War II. After the war, much of France had to be rebuilt. France ended the war with a huge financial loss. A serious situation arose again, because after the First World War, fighting again covered the territory of France.

Britain lost 450,000 troops, half of the losses of World War I. But Britain was hit harder by World War II due to German bombings and subsequent missile attacks. Both Britain and France essentially went bankrupt by the end of World War II.

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In the 3 years after World War II, Western Europe sank into chaos: communists, anarchists grew stronger, protests and riots were constant. As a result, the United States launched Marshall Plan in 1948. It has also set in motion huge developments in Western Europe, Southern Europe and Northern Europe. But after that, France and Britain found themselves in a vulnerable position for the US.

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The other side of Europe was occupied by the Soviet Union in 1945. The Cold War period that began after 1945 brought technological advances to the world. It was much easier to get weapons to anywhere in the world. For the Soviet Union, this created an opportunity to arm and fund colonial liberation movements.

The United States also preferred to have U.S. companies in countries around the world, thus USA could kick out companies of England and France. This marked the beginning of the rapid disintegration of the colonial system and the search for a way for the new leaders of the independent countries.

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