Developed countries and UN peacekeeping

Developed countries and UN peacekeeping

According to the UN website: Russia has 62 people in UN peacekeepers (including soldiers, police, experts and auxiliary personnel).

Belgium holds 55 people among UN peacekeepers in the whole world. Canada 42 peacekeepers, Switzerland 39 peacekeepers, Australia 31, United States of America 30, Netherlands 23, Hungary 22 peacekeepers, Czech Republic 14, Croatia 13, Denmark 12, New Zealand 12, Malta 11, Slovenia 8, Japan 4, Montenegro 3, Macedonia 3, Luxembourg 2 and Latvia 1 person.

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For example: The Netherlands spends $ 11 billion a year on armaments, has 15,000 soldiers and has sent 23 people to international peacekeeping. When the Netherlands maintained colonies to rob other countries, many more soldiers were held abroad. It seems that when they wanted to focus on stealing others, they were very active. There is no money in international peacekeeping, so 23 of their people are clowning as “peacekeepers”. Of these 23, only 2 are soldiers and 5 are police officers, the rest are additional personnel. So 7 of their people are doing a real task. While 17.5 million people live in the Netherlands and have so much money that they almost drown in the lot of money.

The same is true for the Belgians, they saw fantasy in maintaining the colonies and robbing others and sending their soldiers to thousands, now there are 55 people in international peacekeeping.


Other developed peacekeeping countries that are not so embarrassingly passive:

Norway has 134 peacekeepers

Austria has 194 peacekeepers

Finland has 196

Portugal has 200

Poland has 209

Sweden has 231

Slovakia has 249

Ukraine has 305 peacekeepers in international missions. Ukraine is in war with Russia. But they are so decency to sent 305 soldiers.

Ireland 521 people: Only 5 million people live in Ireland and yet they are able to maintain almost as many international peacekeepers as Germany’s 83 million:

Germany has 544 people

Spain has 643 people

Italy 1159 people. Italy is the most important peacekeeping country among developed countries.

But Italy is a country of around 60 million. Compared to the Irish, Italy would have to keep 14,000 soldiers at the UN.

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Peacekeepers of developed countries are mainly involved in less dangerous missions in, for example, the Balkans, Lebanon and Cyprus. There has been no conflict in the Balkans, Lebanon and Cyprus for 20-40 years.

A total of 82,000 people serve as peacekeepers worldwide (currently in 2021). European and North American countries do not even account for 5% of peacekeepers. Residents of richer countries are not risking their lives. Poorer countries, on the other hand, cannot spend enough money on peacekeeping, so all UN operations are not effective (without money).

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