Russo-Ukrainian War

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Russo-Ukrainian War

This war is based on long-outdated thinking. That a country will be stronger from land acquisition. Yet the size of the area is not in the least related to prosperity (see tiny Switzerland, etc.). The other principle behind the outbreak of war is that if you don’t like a political turn in a neighboring country, you are not patient but intervening militarily. This is the behavior of a scrapped politician (Putin).

What is the military situation, how to proceed? The Russian army attacked Ukraine from the north, south and east. It is possible that Ukraine will fall within days. What is also not ruled out is that the same will happen as in Afghanistan during the 1979 Soviet occupation. The Russians easily occupied the country, but the U.S. handed over more and more armor-piercing weapons and shoulder-launched air defense missiles to the Afghan resistance. So they could shoot down a lot of Russian tanks, helicopters and fighter jets. Afghanistan has become one of the greatest defeats in Russian history.

Poland may be sending troops to Ukraine to prevent Russian troops from reaching their borders, because Poland classically hates Russians. It is possible that Romanian troops may also march into Ukraine for a forward border defense.

What is certain, however, will happen is the almost worldwide financial sanctions against Russia. Russia has lost nearly $ 650 billion in sanctions so far, of which nearly $ 480 billion has been lost due to the fact that many countries have not had to repay loans issued by the Russian state (due to sanctions). And $ 170 billion was a trade loss. So far. But now Japan (126 million countries) is also imposing harsh sanctions. And the EU and the US are only now joining the sanctions. The Russian population had not revolted so far because they had nothing to do with the money lost, their leadership had fundamentally expropriated the wealth of society. But the sole purpose of the current sanctions will be to collapse Russia’s trade and permanently destroy Putin and its oligarchs. Ukraine is ruined in the war, Russia in the aftermath of the war.

Let’s stick to the topic of money: there may be at least 4 million people fleeing Ukraine, but maybe 40 million will still be there. Due to the occupation, the Russians will have to spend a lot of money so that the Ukrainian population will not rebel, or only a few will rebel. But Russia has no money for that. Because of the sanctions, it will not affect their own society either. Thus, in Ukraine, the rebellion will last until their liberation and it is possible that the next period will be extremely bloody. Putin has already listed the names of those in Ukraine who want to be killed after the occupation. But there are plenty of Ukrainian nationalists, there are hundreds of thousands of democratic thinkers living there. Putin overestimates Russia’s financial capabilities as well as its own political capabilities. Putin was left alone in the world with this war. Putin definitely wants to revive the Cold War. But the Cold War cannot be revived. His shooting is apparently in the minds of many now, because his death would likely end the war. But he’s been gone for days, he’s not going to trial. Because then his death would really stop the madness that this tyrant has unleashed. But that would only be a short-term change. The long run is for the Russian population jave to take action against its own oppressor.

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