Why is the conflict in Ukraine more important to the world press than other current conflicts?

Putin Russia was against Ukraine

Why is the conflict in Ukraine more important to the world press than other current conflicts?

  • A significant part / central part of the world press is in Western Europe and the United States, making a European war more important to them than a Middle Eastern war
  • On the other hand, the racism of the “western” press also plays a role: they look down on the conflicts of brown people and the conflicts of black people. And the “western” press show little or no suffering of the black and brown skin people
  • For us Central and Eastern Europeans (the e-book and article writer is Laszlo Gombos, I’m Hungarian), so we have more influence in Western Europe than, for example, the Middle Easterners
  • Geographically, Ukraine is closer to Western Europe than Syria, Iraq or Mali, so “Westerners” feel more at risk
  • It must be acknowledged that Ukraine currently has a leader who is campaigning very professionally in the interests of Ukraine, unlike the Arab leaders (who, with the exception of 1-1, all maintain a dictatorship) or the African leaders, the majority of whom maintain a dictatorship.
  • Attack is on a democratic state in Ukraine and this is a rare situation

But it should also be added that the conflicts in Eastern Europe have not been the least covered by the world press so far: the two Russian-Chechen wars, the Russian-Dagestan war, the KGB cut a slice of Moldova at the time of the regime change, but it was not interested in ” west ”. The “westerns” did not care about the 2008 Russo-Georgian war too.


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Why is it that, exceptionally, the whole world is now watching intently?

From Australia, Japan, South America to North America

  • Because Ukraine is a huge and populous country that can win over Russia
  • Because the leader of Ukraine, instead of cowardly fleeing Kiev, remained there instead (unlike the leaders of the pro-US government in Afghanistan). This leadership courage has given strength and hope to all Ukrainians and everyone who sympathizes with the Ukrainian people.
  • If Russia loses the war, Putin’s system will collapse. The Russian dictatorship is falling out of the world’s bloodstream, opening the door to democratization in many countries: Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and Eritrea. Russia supports so many dictatorships around the world

If you want to understand the events, I recommend the following ebook:


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