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Ex-post sources / useful information


Documentaries (movie)

Bridge of Spies – (2015) Biographical movie

African Decolonisation Explained – (2020) History Scope

XXI Century – The legends live with us XXI. század – a legendák velünk élnek: Ikarus – RTL Klub

The Year of Living Dangerously – (1982) Australian drama about reality of the past of the Indonesia, the beginning of the mass murder. This mass murder was support by the USA (half true story – the historical context was true)

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan – (2019) Australian war movie

Son of the South – (2020) Biographical movie

On the Basis of Sex – (2018) Biographical movie and movie about women equality movement in the USA

Marshall – (2017) Biographical movie – the point is at the end of the film

Entebbe – (2018) War movie, about Israel – Uganda-Palestin conflict

The History of the Mossad – (2020) documentary series

Mandela: Long Walk to the Freedom – (2013) Biographical movie

How Afghanistan Defeated the Soviet Union – (2020) DW Documentary

The Breakup of the Soviet Union Explained – (2020) History Scope

545 days – The Prime Minister of the System Change (2019) – system change in Hungary, the original title: 545 nap – A rendszerváltás miniszterelnöke

The Breakup of Yugoslavia Explained – (2020) History Scope

Live from Baghdad – (2002) War movie about the USA-Iraq war in 1991 – The development of war reporting can also be seen after the Vietnam War in 1991. Correspondents already had direct contact with their own channel

Official Secrets – (2019) The start of Iraq War in the viewpoint of the United Kingdom

Karbala – (2015) Polish war movie about the USA-Iraq War from 2003, about Polish and Bulgarian soldiers in Iraq

The Outpost – (2019) About the Afghanistan war

Shindisi – (2019) War movie about Russia-Georgia War in 2008

The Edge of Democracy – (2019) About the democracy of Brazil

Mosul – (2020) American war movie About war in Iraq against ISIS

North Korea – All the Dictator’s Men (2019) DW Documentary

Taste the Waste – (2010) Documentary movie

You Won’t Believe Its Iran (The Media is Wrong) – (2019) Indigo Traveller 

The Last Persian Shah – (2019) Biographical movie from Germany



Michael Moore Here Comes Troumble: Stories from My Life

Imre LángEconomic and Foreign Policy of the United States (1933-1939)



Weapon industry and export of Hungary – http://www.rev.hu/ords/f?p=600:2:::::P2_PAGE_URI:kiadvanyok/evkonyv03/germuska

Putin’s property: https://palace.navalny.com/#chapter-2

The bees are the other key of the succeful agriculture: Bees need flowering plants on 25% of their arable land. In addition, holes should be dug in the ground to make it easier for bees to settle. The trial was conducted in four areas with different climates, and farmers ’incomes increased everywhere. The largest increase was in the semi-desert area, where the yield of pumpkin increased by 561 percent, that of eggplant 364 percent, that of pork beans 177 percent, and that of melon 56 percent. In the wetter areas, tomato yields doubled and eggplant grew by 250 percent. In the mountains, zucchini yields tripled and capital doubled.


The last Russian children in the Soviet Gulag prisons: https://www.euronews.com/2021/01/17/families-of-soviet-gulag-prisoners-still-waiting-for-compensation-in-long-running-legal-ba


Music  – cultural life

Hungarian music life in the time of the communism. When the Soviet army was in Hungary. Oppress and freedom:


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