How the book was prepared

History of the book:

I spoke to my friends from Palestine, Rwanda, Hungary, Zambia and other countries. I asked them if they knew about the Soviet occupation of Asia and Africa. I have high school and college graduate friends, but so many things came as a surprise to them. It was then that I decided to somehow describe the events after 1945. For a long time, the big question has been; how could the huge information be passed on at once?

laszlo gombos Gombos László writer the book: Cold War and the Post-cold War

In the meantime, I wrote a political reform plan in Hungary. As I looked around the world, I saw that corruption was ubiquitous and organized internationally. This is a great opportunity for people who want to take action against it to organize internationally.

Gombos Laszlo Gombos László writer of the book about Cold War and the Post-cold War

I have managed to combine the description of modern history and international action against corruption with the following steps:

  1. I wrote a book in Hungarian language about the cold war and post-cold war topic. This book is already published.
  2. I have gathered the most appropriate examples in the world on the subject of anti-corruption. I have put these examples into one whole programme in this book.
  3. I have included the book in Hungarian language and the international anti-corruption program in one book. The historical part makes up the bulk of the book. Interestingly, the positive experiences and constructive conclusions come in the last quarter of the book.
  4. I translated the already existing book in Hungarian language into English language.
  5. An acquaintance of mine from Ghana reviewed the English grammar, we set up the website notice and the promotion of the book together.

book about Cold War and Post-cold War preparation laszlo gombos

It took 14 years to write the book. The most interesting story of this happened in the final stage of this period. Anti Corruption International, Uganda Chapter asked me to develop a theme against corruption. They did not know what to do with the developed theme, because the fight against corruption also requires constitutional changes. So I completed a book in Hungarian language on the topic of cold war and the post-cold war and an anti-corruption project. What is next?

Cold war book saint stephen university Szent István godollo

It occurred to me that many foreign students go to university in Hungary, I would like to engage them with the anti-corruption project. I thought I would go to their classes, get to know them, assess who have interest in politics and explain to them how to take effective action against corruption and introduce them to modern history. I thought I would go to their beginners’ English language class because that is when and where I could meet them. I attended the first English lesson, and I discussed with the teacher if we could look at the English version of anti-corruption, I could learn English better from this translation. As a result, the work began; the reviewing of the entire anti-corruption section, then reviewing of the book as a whole and it took over a year to complete this work.

book about Cold War and Post-cold War preparation laszlo gombos

So it is not just the lovers of politics who are my targets. The target audience includes government bureaucrats, UN employees, political journalists, fans of modern history, NGOs and aid/relief organizations.


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