Cold War Allies / Cold War Alliances

Cold War Allies / Cold War Alliances

After World War II, the Cold War alliances was formed in three ways

Coat of arms of the Soviet Union

  1. The Soviet Method: the Soviet Union occupied Central Europe at the end of World War II. The Soviets helped bring totalitarian dictators to power. These dictatorships committed massacres in their own countries together with Soviet military. The leaderships of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Romania have done massacres together with the Soviet army. Furthermore, the Soviets established totalitarian dictatorships in Czech Republic and Slovakia, Yugoslavia, East Germany, Albania and Bulgaria. If someone objected to the Soviet occupation, they were imprisoned or killed. This was the Soviet method of alliance building. What was the consequence of this? You can find it in the e-book HERE!

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  1. The American method: the US also occupied part of Europe, but they helped bring democracies to life, developed the western, southern, and northern parts of Europe, and thus even areas that were not under American occupation. See the e-book for details HERE!

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  1. Another way for the United States to build an alliance is to take over the collapsing English and French colonial empires and gain many new allies. It was a much dirtier practice than European developments. You can find the details of this – in the e-book HERE!


The Cold War and Post-cold War From 1945 to 2020 PDF format

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