5 Mistakes of the USA in Iraq War in 2003

5 Mistakes of the USA in Iraq War in 2003


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  1. Did Iraq have nuclear weapon?

       The U.S. leadership spread that Iraq had nuclear weapons, but after the war it turned out that it was a lie.



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  1. Did Iraq have chemical weapons?

      The U.S. leadership has spread that Iraq is full of chemical weapons. When the US occupied Iraq, the Iraqi leader had long since renounced chemical weapons. So they did not have chemical weapons.


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  1. Did masses suffer torture chambers in Iraq?

      The U.S. leadership has spread that there are many torture chambers in Iraq that are full of people. After the occupation, it turned out that there were no torture sites crowded with people in Iraq. Moreover, no torture sites were found.


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  1. Has the Iraqi leadership helped terrorists?

      The U.S. leadership has spread that Iraq maintains significant ties to terrorist groups. After the occupation, it turns out that Iraq had no contact with religious fanatics / terrorists. Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq, was a secular politician who did not tolerate religious extremists.


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  1. Was Iraq a totalitarian (one-man controlled) dictatorship?

      The U.S. leadership has spread that Iraq is a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by Saddam Hussein alone. The reality was that in his last 4-5 years in power, Saddam Hussein mainly wrote poems and the actual power was exercised by his political environment. So Iraq was a “soft” dictatorship.


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